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Vanagon Aux Battery Wiring Diagram - span class news dt aug 17 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 if i run 6 awg cable from the starting battery to the aux battery voltage drop calcs say that i ll be charging the aux battery at about 14 5 14 6v the gowesty aux battery instructions say that their circuit breaker will trip if the aux battery receives more than 50a of charging current span class news dt jun 05 2009 span nbsp 0183 32 yes that is a problem with a 1 relay solution that relay can t do the fridge 12 volt job at the same time it does the aux battery job you should use a second relay that is triggered by the output of the first relay as this does not place any additional load on the blue wire circuit of the alternator vanagon my auxiliary battery wiring i only had a little time to do any vanagon stuff over the break a couple of things were dealt with i ll post it up over the next couple of days first up is my auxiliary battery install.
it has been working fine for the last couple of years relay install instructions from harold rust hi volks how to install the battery cut out relay second part install the auxiliary battery unwrap the 8 wire the one that es from the cut out relay and connect it to the terminal on the aux battery the vanagon rescue squad app for android phones scan the qr or search the archive for category vanagon mods vanagon aux battery solar and aux wiring diagram update posted by albell in vanagon vanagon mods on july 28 2015 and added large fuse at the big aux battery and i added a 15a fuse on the small wire that runs from the acr to neg return it s a safety in case of an internal fault in the acr span class news dt aug 11 2003 span nbsp 0183 32 after studying the wiring diagram 9 the auxiliary battery system seems to be a simple system with the only other ponents being the second battery a1 a.
battery cut out relay j7 and a bit of extra wiring the aux battery is pletely span class news dt may 02 2017 span nbsp 0183 32 i purchased the aux battery charging kit from gowesty which is essentially a large solenoid relay a fuse and some wires what this does is it isolates your aux battery when the key is off and separates them from your car battery so that you don t drain your main battery when c ing if the vanagon was factory equipped with a dual batt system the second battery is shown in the bentley diagram for that vehicle the second battery is always conected via a 6 0 mm2 cross section wire to prevent overheating and insure efficient charging reference bentley 80 91 page 97 34a 97 222 97 225 span class news dt nov 14 2012 span nbsp 0183 32 have you ever wanted to make your vanagon more like a motorhome adding a 2nd battery is a great way to allow for off the grid c ing while still.
allowing you to auxiliary battery wiring by bob wallace this prevents power being dumped from a fully charged driving battery to a flat auxiliary battery as soon as the ignition key is turned 3 if a fridge is fitted it is desirable that because it consumes a lot of current so will quickly run an auxiliary battery flat that it should be isolated from
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